Appellate Work

McMahon Bergerís commitment to our clients does not end after a successful dismissal or trial. Even after securing success for our clients, a claim still must be defended through the appeals process. Appellate experience is hard to find, but McMahon Bergerís attorneys are fully prepared to defend employers through final resolution of the appeals process. Unlike some firms, McMahon Berger does not send our appellate work to other firms. McMahon Berger has the expertise to handle all levels of appeals in state and federal court, eliminating the extra costs and concern associated with bringing a new attorney up to speed on your case and your business.

McMahon Bergerís attorneys have significant appellate experience, having worked as clerks in federal and appellate courts, argued before state courts of appeal, state supreme courts, and federal courts of appeal across the country, ensuring the final resolution of claims is a priority throughout the litigation process. A deep understanding of the appellate process provides McMahon Bergerís attorneys with an informed perspective that impacts how we handle your case from the beginning. Throughout the litigation process, McMahon Bergerís attorneys use their extensive appellate experience to evaluate the most viable defense, to determine how to utilize witnesses and evidence, and to anticipate and avoid issues open to appeal. Even McMahon Bergerís associates have successfully argued appellate cases, providing clients with cost-effective and efficient representation from start to finish.