Policies, Procedures, & Handbooks

Employee handbooks, manuals, and written policies provide employees and management with knowledge of the company’s expectations and procedures. Just as a well-written handbook can minimize legal liability, carelessly written policies or the failure to follow or fairly enforce written procedures can result in significant liability. Most importantly, an employee handbook must be regularly reviewed and updated to conform to applicable changes in the law.

McMahon Berger’s attorneys are well versed in the laws that affect written communications with employees and regularly track developments in this area of the law to assist and advise employers. McMahon Berger’s attorneys regularly assist employers, management, human resources personnel and executives with drafting, review and updates to written policies and employee handbooks, as well as training to ensure management employees understand employee rights and the employer’s legal responsibilities and obligations under federal, state and/or local laws.

Employee handbooks and written policies and procedures provide large and small businesses with enhanced employee relationships, increased profitability, and the first defense to litigation. McMahon Berger’s long history in representing employers and management in the areas of labor and employment law has created a wealth of knowledge that allows them to offer clients assistance in utilizing the full benefits of well-drafted communications with employees.