McMahon Berger’s attorneys do not take a passive approach to the complexities of the legal and regulatory environment facing employers today. We offer our clients, human resources professionals, employers and others regular seminars, legal updates by way of social media, our website and blog, and through web-based presentations. In short, McMahon Berger wants to be a resource for proactive employers who want to stay ahead of the curve, and offer their employees the best and fairest work environments possible.

McMahon Berger’s approach to training is simple — offer a consistent training product that delivers a readily understandable and pragmatic approach to difficult areas of law. Every single one of McMahon Berger’s attorneys have trained clients, human resources professionals and members of the public on labor and employment law issues, and we continue to make sure that our materials and our training are the best we can make them.

We invite you to come to one our seminars and take a look at the materials and topics we are discussing. We believe you will leave better informed and better able to face the legal and regulatory environment of today.