Crisis Management

A crisis is almost always unexpected. You very rarely see it coming, and that’s especially true for businesses. From knowing how to communicate internally to having specific policies in place to address employee concerns, it’s vital that your company is prepared for the worst. That’s where our team of expert crisis management consultants comes in. 

Our crisis management firm, based in St. Louis, Missouri, works closely with companies throughout the United States to properly prepare for crises before they happen. You can trust the specialists at McMahon Berger to help build contingency and crisis communication plans, design internal policies and processes, and more to protect your business and its employees at all times. 


Companies of all sizes must always be ready for unexpected challenges from a number of sources. At McMahon Berger, our crisis management consultants have experience helping businesses find solutions when issues arise, including, but not limited to:

  • Pandemics
  • Work stoppages
  • Natural disasters
  • Surprise investigations
  • Workplace accidents
  • Data Breach


Our attorneys have helped organizations throughout the country plan for and deal with these and many other crisis situations. Our firm provides crisis management services that include:

  • Developing internal and external communication plans
  • Conducting internal workplace investigations
  • Responding to government regulators
  • Defending companies if litigation does occur, and more. 



No matter how prepared you and your business may be, there’s no way to prepare for everything. At some point, you may face a crisis you did not foresee or prepare for. At McMahon Berger, our team of crisis management professionals is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week. As a result, we can move quickly to help employers respond to unexpected crises whenever they may happen.

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