When litigation arises or becomes necessary, our depth and breadth of knowledge assists us in guiding our clients through the complex process. Our extensive experience of representing clients nationwide in federal and state courts and before various administrative agencies is widely recognized. Further, our lawyers are skilled in alternative dispute resolution techniques. When it is in the client’s best interest, we try to avoid litigation through the use of mediation, arbitration and other negotiation techniques.

Litigation can result in tremendous expense and exposure for an employer. As a result, we train and counsel our clients to prevent and avoid unnecessary litigation or labor disputes involving labor and employment issues. To assist our clients in preventing and avoiding these potential legal problems, all of our attorneys are trained to advise clients of the law and, more importantly, offer litigation alternatives that best meet our clients’ objectives. Further, at no expense to our clients, we proactively send out client alerts and newsletters on labor and employment issues. In addition, we conduct free seminars for our clients regarding important labor and employment topics on a regular basis.

Centuries of Aggregate Labor Experience

Prior to joining McMahon Berger, many of our attorneys worked directly for the National Labor Relations Board. This experience provided them with the unique ability to analyze labor issues from the Board’s perspective, which provides immeasurable assistance in resolving or bringing a labor issue to closure. By taking this knowledge and applying it to our clients’ needs and objectives, we have been able to effectively and efficiently resolve unfair labor practice charges, petitions for certification or decertification, and other matters. In addition, we have negotiated numerous collective bargaining agreements for clients in various industries over the years. Further, we have represented clients in thousands of arbitrations. There is virtually no problem we have not faced in our centuries of aggregate experience.

Cost Effective Service Is More Than A Catch Phrase

In the practice of law, your reputation speaks volumes about your firm. We are proud to say that for over 60 years we have built our reputation by providing cost effective service to our clients by controlling our costs and expenses. As a result, our St. Louis based fee structure compares quite favorably with those of other specialty firms throughout the country. We are happy to provide detailed information on our fees upon request.

Why Do Our Clients Select McMahon Berger?

One of the most common questions we are asked is why should my company select McMahon Berger, a specialty firm, over a law firm that services all areas of the law?

The simple answer is we are focused. Due to our level of commitment to labor and employment law, we offer a level of knowledge and service unparalleled to big firms who practice in multiple areas of the law. McMahon Berger has comprised a team of attorneys that consists of some of the top labor and employment attorneys in the country. In addition, we treat our clients with respect and professionalism. Questions, comments, or concerns are answered promptly by knowledgeable attorneys who understand and appreciate clients’ needs and objectives.

The best view of the value and quality of a lawyer’s services comes from one who has experienced representation from the firm, so we encourage prospective clients to speak with our current clients.