Employment Diversity

Workplace Diversity

Diversity is the mosaic of people who bring a variety of backgrounds, styles, perspectives, values and beliefs as assets to the groups and organizations with which they interact. Workplace diversity has largely been associated with higher business performance outcome measures: diverse teams are more creative and perform better in problem solving than homogeneous teams, and are more effective in organizations with people-oriented performance cultures.

Unfortunately, many workplaces are confronted by employees, staff and/or management who may be acting (often unknowingly) as a roadblock to cross-cultural awareness and interaction and, in turn, an effective and satisfying work environment.

McMahon Bergerís attorneys regularly assist employers, management, human resources professionals and executives to understand their legal rights, responsibilities and obligations under federal, state and local laws as it concerns workplace diversity.

Training Employers

Attorneys at McMahon Berger understand the law and policy concerning workplace diversity and have tens of years of experience training employees, staff and managers on this topic. Training programs instruct employees about the roadblocks to cross-cultural awareness and interaction, including: irrational assumptions, misunderstandings, prejudice and fear. Employees are trained on the dimensions of diversity and the keys to increasing awareness and addressing cultural differences in the workplace, as well as the rules for constructive conflict management.

McMahon Bergerís long history in representing employers and management in the areas of labor and employment law has created a wealth of knowledge that allows them to offer clients training, seminars, legal updates and numerous other resources to ensure that they are kept up to date on recent legislation, regulatory activity, and court decisions impacting workplace diversity issues.

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