Employment Retaliation

McMahon Berger attorneys are labor and employment law experts who specialize in assisting employers in addressing complaints of retaliation and in defending employers against legal claims of retaliation.

Advising Clients

McMahon Bergerís attorneys handle retaliation claims on a daily basis. McMahon Berger helps employers understand the importance of taking measures to prevent employees from being retaliated against for making legally protected complaints, including complaints of discrimination and harassment. McMahon Berger attorneys also help clients in the creation and enforcement of non-retaliation policies.

Training Employers

McMahon Bergerís long history in representing employers and management in defense against retaliation claims and complaints places McMahon Berger attorneys in an excellent position to provide meaningful, practical training on retaliation prevention and retaliation investigation. McMahon Berger attorneys provide their clients with important updates on retaliation, including recent case law and agency memoranda addressing retaliation.

Defending Claims

McMahon Berger has had great success in defending retaliation claims in various venues including state court, federal court, arbitration, and at the agency level. McMahon Berger prides itself on providing effective, cost-efficient service to their clients throughout the defense of retaliation claims.

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