Performance Management

Too often, people confuse performance management solely with disciplining employees for violations of policy. Performance management is much more than that, however, as it should be a systemic and thoughtful approach to ensuring that employers embed within their employees their values, their culture, and their approach to doing business.

Advising Clients

Oftentimes, clients ask us what they can do to be proactive ó how can we avoid problems before they start? In the collective experience of the attorneys who work at McMahon Berger, part of the solution lies in performance management. It is more than discipline. Rather, performance management starts with good interviewing, hiring and on boarding processes and procedures, continues with rewarding behavior that is consistent with the organizationís culture and goals, and culminates in making hard decisions when it comes to making sure that employees consistently follow workplace policies and procedures. Performance management means understanding good policies from bad ones, good documentation from bad documentation, and how employees who do not advance the goals of an organization can create morale problems and derail a companyís efforts at success.


Training in performance management is systemic and process-oriented. Good processes usually lead to predictable results, and McMahon Bergerís attorneys understand what happens when employers implement good performance management into the daily lives of their supervisors and employees. McMahon Bergerís attorneys offer training focusing on the start to finish of performance management, and give practical advice on good processes that lead to great results.

Defending the Results

Sometimes good performance management means hiring good lawyers to defend the results of good performance management practices. McMahon Berger is there to assist you when litigation ensues, and we want to make sure you feel confident that our breadth of knowledge and experience will lead to great results.

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