Workplace Safety (Occupational Safety and Health Act)

There is little doubt that the employers need to make sure that their employees work in a safe environment. More resources have been devoted in recent years to ensuring that employers follow the laws regarding workplace and worker safety, and it is vital that every employer get expert help in understanding their legal obligations around this issue.

Advising Clients

McMahon Berger’s attorneys have assisted clients in hundreds of workplace safety situations, workplace accidents, and investigations by the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA”). McMahon Berger understands that importance of keeping workplace safety policies up to date, and training employers on what they must do to comply with the ever-growing number of laws and regulations that implicate workplace safety. McMahon Berger is there for you, with its attorneys ready and willing to assist you when these issues arise.

Training Employers

McMahon Berger’s long history in representing employers and management in the areas of labor and employment law uniquely positions its attorneys to train employers and their supervisors on workplace safety laws and regulations. We partner with our clients to understand their business model, their training needs, and draw on our wealth of experience and resources to ensure that we can provide expert training without monumental cost.

Defending Claims

Inevitably, accidents happen, and McMahon Berger is there beside you to defend you when investigations, administrative claims and litigation occur. McMahon Berger hires exceptional attorneys, often with extensive labor and employment backgrounds and experience with the government, to assist our clients in defending against claims. More importantly, McMahon Berger offers its clients pragmatic and sometimes unique solutions to complex litigation problems, and can draw on its collective experience to get to the best solution for each client. McMahon Berger does not believe one size fits all, and clients see this in the way we defend against claims brought against them.

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