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Meet the top labor & employment lawyers in St. Louis

When you need help navigating the complicated maze of Missouri employment law, turn to the top labor lawyers in St. Louis at McMahon Berger.

Why McMahon Berger? The short answer: focus and experience.

For over 60 years, our sole commitment has been the exclusive representation of management in Missouri employment law and labor matters. We give clients access to an unparalleled level of knowledge and service compared with firms that practice in multiple areas.

As one of the largest employment and labor law firms in Missouri, McMahon Berger represents large, medium, and small organizations. Our clients do business in multiple industries throughout the United States and include private and public employers, associations, and insurance companies.

Our Mission

At McMahon Berger, our mission is to earn the trust of every client we serve. We accomplish this by providing cost-effective representation, achieving favorable results in labor and employment disputes, and maintaining open communication with clients.

Not only are our attorneys some of the best labor lawyers in St. Louis, but they’re also among the finest in the country. If you need a hand with Missouri employment law or a national matter, we’re here to help.

Cost-Effective Labor & Employment Representation

McMahon Berger understands that litigation can result in tremendous expense and exposure for employers. Our attorneys help clients avoid litigation whenever possible. We are also prepared to mount a vigorous defense of our clients’ interests when necessary.


Our labor law attorneys possess the depth and breadth of knowledge to guide clients through the complexities of labor and employment litigation. We have successfully represented numerous clients in federal and state court and before regulatory agencies. We are also skilled in alternate dispute resolution techniques, including mediation, arbitration, and other negotiation techniques.

Litigation Avoidance

McMahon Berger regularly advises clients on the laws, regulations, and court decisions that will impact day-to-day labor and employment decision-making. Clients receive regular alerts and newsletters on relevant legal issues. We also host free training seminars and webinars on important labor and employment topics.

Experienced Labor & Employment Attorneys

The McMahon Berger team boasts many of the country’s top legal minds in the field of labor and employment law. We have diligently recruited experienced attorneys from a variety of backgrounds to best represent the diversity of clientele we serve. 

There is virtually no employment or labor issue our team has not confronted. Many of our attorneys have worked directly with the National Labor Relations Board and The Department of Labor, so they have first-hand knowledge of these agencies’ perspectives. This insight is crucial for successfully bringing disputes to closure.

Our employment and labor lawyers have a deep understanding and appreciation for employers’ needs and objectives when it comes to labor and employment matters. Treating clients with respect and professionalism means promptly responding to questions, comments, and concerns. We encourage prospective clients to get references from current clients to learn more.


McMahon Berger leverages our years of experience and expertise to provide our clients with the most effective and efficient service possible.

Our fee structure compares favorably with that of similar specialty firms throughout the United States. We are happy to provide detailed fee information upon request.

Employment Law

Experienced representation and counseling in all areas of employment law.

Labor Law

Advocacy before arbitrators, mediators, labor boards, agencies, and state and federal courts.


Vigorous pursuit of the best possible solution for each individual client.


Uncovering the facts needed to resolve employment and labor issues.

Nonprofit Counseling

Legal assistance with labor and employment matters for nonprofit organizations.

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