Every employer understands the risks associated with complaints in the workplace. But what’s the next step once the complaint is received? A proper internal investigation, followed by prompt remedial action, is the key to successfully defending any claim by an employee against an employer. The lawyers at McMahon Berger, who are based in St. Louis, Missouri, assist employers throughout the investigative process. We help uncover the facts needed to resolve employment and labor disputes.

Investigation Counseling

Many employers conduct internal workplace investigations in response to complaints or allegations of misconduct. McMahon Berger’s attorneys guide employers throughout the process to ensure a proper, effective, and complete investigation.

Investigative Services

When necessary, McMahon Berger’s attorneys come into the workplace and conduct the internal investigation on behalf of the employer. Many of our attorneys have years of investigative experience. That gives us the expertise to gather, review, document, and present the evidence needed to resolve a complaint.

Need to Conduct a Workplace Investigation?

When investigating employment or labor complaints, the stakes are high. Allow McMahon Berger to assist you in making sure the investigation is done properly.

Employment Law

Experienced representation and counseling in all areas of employment law.

Labor Law

Advocacy before arbitrators, mediators, labor boards, agencies, and state and federal courts.


Vigorous pursuit of the best possible solution for each individual client.

Nonprofit Counseling

Legal assistance with labor and employment matters for nonprofit organizations.