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McMahon Berger provides cost-effective training and resources tailored to meet each of our clients’ individual needs. We cover a range of critical topics, including legal requirements for employers, individual company policies, and specific workplace issues. For some clients, traditional in-person training works best, but for others, we are able to provide training remotely. Whether during a third shift or over a lunch hour, our experienced attorneys come prepared to educate – and maybe even entertain.

Benefits of Employment & Labor Law Training

Organizations face a complex web of laws and regulations pertaining to labor and employment decisions. At the federal level, workplace policies must comply with the ADA, ADEA, GINA, FMLA, FLSA, Title VII, and other related laws. On top of that, many state and local governments impose their own policies. For example, in some jurisdictions, employers may be required to provide anti-harassment training on an annual basis.

Reduce the Cost of Lawsuits

While some employers put employment policies training on the back burner, we’ve repeatedly seen a high return on investment for this type of training. For instance, managers who learn how to track and document the hours worked by subordinates will have accurate documentation of employee hours going forward. In the face of a subsequent wage and hour lawsuit, this documentation could be worth thousands of dollars – or more.

Proactive Litigation Defense

The act of training can even provide a defense to certain litigation. For instance, it is essential for employers to train their workforce on the proper reporting procedure for sexual harassment or discrimination. This type of training may later serve as a defense if an employee files a lawsuit without following those steps.

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