Employment Background Check Compliance

Federal and state regulations like the Fair Credit Reporting Act and Title VII establish clear guidelines for using background checks during the hiring process. Our team of experienced employment attorneys is intimately familiar with these kinds of regulations and helps employers throughout the United States remain compliant. 


Employers could be exposed to liability if a background check violates the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA), Title VII, or other federal laws.

Our employment attorneys advise clients on how to gather the information they need while avoiding federal violations.


To make things more confusing, states, counties, and municipalities often have their own laws and ordinances that address hiring and background issues.

These include laws pertaining to drug testing, criminal records, and so-called “Ban the Box” laws. This complex web of regulations can be especially daunting for employers with locations in multiple jurisdictions.

As a national employment law firm with more than 60 years of experience, McMahon Berger is uniquely equipped to help clients adapt their hiring practices to meet these often conflicting requirements.

Labor Law

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Vigorous pursuit of the best possible solution for each individual client.


Uncovering the facts needed to resolve employment and labor issues.

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