Corporate Compliance & Ethics

With local, state, and federal regulations changing at a rapid pace, your business must create internal policies and procedures to ensure, at each level of your organization, you remain compliant. Often, this includes training employees on relevant regulations and laws they need to be aware of as they do their job. It could also include developing a standard for how employees report violations of internal policies or government regulations. If policies and procedures are not in place and a violation occurs, your business could be at risk. At McMahon Berger, our corporate compliance attorneys have years of experience assisting businesses throughout the United States in developing compliant policies, procedures, and training.


Every organization, regardless of industry, must have policies and procedures that are consistent with applicable federal, state, and local laws and regulations. The corporate compliance lawyers at McMahon Berger work closely with companies of all sizes to draft, review, and implement legally sound policies and procedures within all levels of the organization. 


Companies must regularly evaluate current policies, procedures, and practices to maintain compliance as regulations change.

As an experienced compliance law firm, we have the expertise necessary to help organizations with these evaluations. We also recommend remedial measures to minimize and, whenever possible, shield clients from costly liability.

Labor Law

Advocacy before arbitrators, mediators, labor boards, agencies, and state and federal courts.


Vigorous pursuit of the best possible solution for each individual client.


Uncovering the facts needed to resolve employment and labor issues.

Nonprofit Counseling

Legal assistance with labor and employment matters for nonprofit organizations.