McMahon Berger Sponsors Ranken Jordan Gala

McMahon Berger is partnering with Ranken Jordan Pediatric Bridge Hospital to support its 2017 Ranken Jordan Gala.  This commitment is born out of McMahon Berger’s desire to support Ranken Jordan’s mission, and lift Ranken Jordan up as an important part of our St. Louis Community.

In a single word, the work being done at Ranken Jordan Pediatric Bridge Hospital is important. When a child is suffering from a medically complex condition like brain trauma, burns, cerebral palsy, premature birth complications, or paralysis they often initially receive acute hospital care.

When these seriously ill or injured children are discharged the transition to home can be very difficult, if not seemingly impossible, and many times families have no choice but to transfer their child to an adult nursing home. As the first and only pediatric bridge hospital, Ranken Jordan provides a fantastic alternative for managing a child’s transition home.

Since 1941, children from the St. Louis area, across the United States, and from around the world come to Ranken Jordan to benefit from their full spectrum of inpatient and outpatient care. What’s most wonderful about Ranken Jordan, aside from their tremendous outcomes and range of services, is their philosophy. The people of Ranken Jordan care compassionately, practicing healing through play, comprehensive education and support for families (because when kids hurt, their families hurt too), and care that extends beyond the bedside by helping children to get out of their rooms no matter how sick or injured they may be.

As of 2017, Ranken Jordan only has 34 beds. However, through fundraising events like their upcoming gala, in 2018 they’ll almost double the size of the existing hospital to 60 beds. Those extra 26 beds are the reason why McMahon Berger is honored to be sponsoring and attending Ranken Jordan’s Annual Gala.

Here are some important facts you should know:

  • The event is on January, 14th at the Ritz-Carlton in Clayton.
  • Tickets and tables are still available through the Ranken Jordan website. Click here to make your contribution to the health and wellness of the kids at Ranken Jordan.
  • The theme is Casablanca. Our attorneys are eager to don their best Bogart and Bergman attire and head out for the evening. We fully expect a couple of ‘Here’s-lookin’-at-you-kid’-s to be flying around before the silent auction.
  • Ranken Jordan is also still looking for items for their live and silent auctions. If you’d like to donate something, click here.

McMahon Berger has been dedicated the the exclusive representation of management interests in employment and labor law for over half a century. On January 14th at 6pm, we’re coming together to represent something a little bit different: more kids, more families, more hope, and more healing!

For more information on Ranken Jordan Annual Gala 2017, click here: