Municipal Missouri Labor and Employment Laws Passed in 2013

This year three (3) labor and employment laws were signed into Missouri law and became effective August 28:

  • SB 216: Prohibits political subdivisions from preventing first responders from engaging in political activity while off duty and not in uniform or from being a candidate for or holding public office unless otherwise prohibited by law.
  • HB 34: Calculates prevailing wage to make it more economical for rural communities, thus making the prevailing wage not state-wide.
  • HB 307: Requires political subdivisions to find “just cause” before removing or terminating a police chief.

Municipal employers should review their existing policies to ensure that their policies are consistent with the statutory language set forth in the newly enacted laws.  Specifically referencing a Missouri statute or language contained in a Missouri statute can ensure that the written policy is clear and legal.  For over a half-century, McMahon Berger has represented municipal employers throughout Missouri and Illinois in all facets of labor and employment law.  If you have any questions or comments with respect to how Missouri’s newly enacted laws will affect your organization and your written policies, please contact our St. Louis Employment Law Firm at (314) 567-7350.