St. Louis Immigration Law Lawyer: Congress Looks to Expand H-1B Visas

Now that the government shutdown has ended, it appears that Congress is going to focus again on immigration reform, specifically as it pertains to the H-1B visa program. Both Democrats and Republicans alike agree that the system should be expanded, and the House is currently debating a bill that recently passed the Senate with bipartisan support. With an increase in these visas, a St. Louis Immigration Law Lawyer can help more companies find the talent they need to remain competitive in the global marketplace.

St. Louis Immigration Law Lawyer on Changes to H-1B Visa Program

The bill that passed the Senate 68-32 would change this visa program in the following way:

  • Increase the H-1B visa cap from 65,000 to 110,000, eventually rising to 180,000
  • Increase from 20,000 to 25,000 the number of additional visas set aside for those with a STEM degree from a U.S. university
  • Raise wages by eliminating the lowest tier of the four tier pay schedule

Because the applications for these visas fill up days after applications open, a St. Louis Immigration Law Lawyer can help a company make sure their application is timely filed. By increasing the number of these important visas, a business can be sure they have the best talent from all around the world.

The immigration attorneys at McMahon Berger have the experience needed to help companies get these visa applications in on time, giving them the best chance to recruit the candidates they want. Even if the number of H-1B visas is increased, a business will still need to get their applications in right away to make they get their full allotment. To find what your business will need to secure these visas, contact a St. Louis Immigration Law Lawyer today.

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