Are Your Employees Covered Under NLRA? asks St. Louis Labor Law Attorney

Some employers think that because their employees are not unionized, they do not have to follow all the standards in the National Labor Relations Act. The truth is that most employees, union or not, are covered under this law. The only workers who are not are government employees, agricultural workers, independent contractors, and supervisors. This means that there are certain protected activities that fall under this law extended to almost all workers. A St. Louis Labor Law Attorney can help advise you of what activities are protected and help resolve any disputes you may have with your employees.

Protected Activities Explained by a St. Louis Labor Law Attorney

Employers need to be aware of the activities protected under the NLRA. These include:

  • Two or more employees addressing the employer about their pay
  • Two or more employees discussing issues in the workplace such as safety, wages, or other concerns
  • An employee speaking to an employer on behalf of a group of employees about workplace conditions

This means, for instance, it is illegal for an employer to forbid employees from discussing wages with one another. Violating the NLRA can lead to expensive lawsuits that may ultimately result in punitive damages for the employees. By working with a St. Louis Labor Law Attorney, an employer can craft a set of procedures that respects the rights of the workers while also protecting itself from a claim with the National Labor Relations Board. By educating supervisors about what is protected and what is not, costly litigation can be avoided.

The lawyers at McMahon Berger have experience helping companies educate their supervisors on these protected activities. This way, both employer and employee can have a clear understanding of what is acceptable in the workplace with none of the ambiguities that can lead to disputes. To speak with a St. Louis Labor Law Attorney, contact us today.

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