St. Louis Employment Law Firm Anticipates NLRB Ruling

Recently, the Supreme Court granted cert to an important case involving the National Labor Relations Board.  In agreeing to hear Noel Canning v. NLRB, the Supreme Court will rule on whether or not President Obama’s recess appointments are valid.  Republicans in the Senate have held pro forma sessions in order to prevent the President from appointing members to this board.  The President argues that these sessions are actually a recess while Republicans argue the Senate is still technically in session.  Until appointments are made, the NLRB cannot meet its three-member quorum to make decisions.  As a St. Louis employment law firm, this case will be welcome in giving some clarity to labor laws going forward.

 Clarity from a St. Louis Employment Law Firm

Political wrangling like this may score points with each side’s base, but this uncertainty impacts labor relations within a business.  The National Labor Relations Board is tasked with the following:

  • Prohibiting management and the labor force from unfair business practices
  • Acting as a mediator between management and labor
  • Examining labor complaints

Without the board in place, these jobs simply aren’t getting done.  Without some idea of how this board will rule on certain practices, it can be difficult for management to negotiate collective bargaining agreements and effectively deal with labor unions.  An experienced St. Louis employment law firm can help navigate through these uncertain times and help give management some clarity in what to expect from the NLRB in the future.  With this clarity, businesses can make projections on the cost of labor going forward and adjust budget priorities accordingly.

The St. Louis employment law firm of McMahon Berger has been representing management interests in labor disputes for over fifty years.  Our highly experienced team of labor attorneys has a diverse range of experience from government regulatory agencies, the private sector, and the political sphere in order to see the complex issues between management and labor from all angles.   This experience, combined with our top quality service and communication, resulted in our St. Louis employment lawyers being named on the Top 100 Labor and Employment Attorneys in the United States.

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